Gazillion is a new full color comic book from Image Comics that is available in comic book stores now. It is written and inked by Howard M. Shum and penciled by Keron Grant. The premise of the book is that it is the year 2237. Earth is still made up of many nations and is not unified. Mars is colonized by humans from Earth and they are currently at war with an alien race known as the Dermuls. American secret agent Gazillion is sent on a deadly mission straight into the heart of a Dermul military complex on the planet Xof. Gazillion's mission has dangerous complications that he could never have foreseen. High-energy art and action pulses throughout this amazing debut issue.

Many of the comic industry top creators are amazed by what they have seen in Gazillion. Gene Ha says, "Gazillion is wonderful and graceful. I adore the clean lines, strong figures and expressive faces, dramatic storytelling, and the all around confidence."

Tim Townsend (X-Men inker) had this to say about Gazillion: "Once in a great while, something will come along that can catch you off guard and remind you that it's still possible for comics to be fun. I have found Gazillion to be visually compelling! Newcomer, Keron Grant, and seasoned pro', Howard Shum, seem to be a perfect marriage of style and vision. The fact that they're just warming up excites me even more! I'm truly looking forward to this one!"

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Gazillion is and 1998 Howard M. Shum and Keron Grant

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